Don’t Get Dumped After The Pump (OTC:AAPH)

Tiny oil exploration & production company American Petro-Hunter Inc (OTC:AAPH) (and on Twitter $AAPH) is being mentioned, and mentioned, and mentioned on Twitter, right now.

Yes, I mean it’s being pumped by those whose work is to pump stocks.

Perhaps this is quite justified.

After all, it’s gained a giant amount for a small-cap stock over the last month or so.

If you held the shares as of April 4, when they closed at $0.33, today, you would be sitting on a gain of about 75% at $0.58 per share, at the time of writing.

Not bad at all.

The stock gain comes after a spate of recent bullish announcements by the company over the last month or so.

There’s nothing untoward about the announcements – and whilst I’m not in a position to comment about their veracity, I’ve no reason to doubt the truth of the statements made in the updates.

I’d only offer the same time-honoured, well-worn cautions which hold for any ‘Penny Stock’ company.
Additionally, check out the disclaimer given by one of the  more prolific tweeters of tweets about American Petro – @OTCMarketLeader, a brand of Paragon Financial Limited.
Very near the top, the disclaimer statement reads:
“Paragon receives $5,000/month from Cosworth Communications Limited for research and dissemination of materials related to American Petro-Hunter Inc. (OTCBB: AAPH).”

If you’re in any doubt still that the amount of traffic that Petro is currently getting is as yet unrelated to anything proven with respect to revenues and earnings, then here is a simple bar chart of American Petro’s Return on Assets performance, to date, for the last ten years.

Or rather American Petro’s lack of performance.
In terms of asset-returns, there have not been any reported in the last ten years.

That’s a simple fact.

But of course, pump on, and stack on, as you wish.

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