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Forget ‘Europhoria’, Look at EUR/GBP

Forget for a moment the possibility that today’s ‘Europhoria’ doesn’t really make a great deal of sense, when looked at in the round. Something quite detailed about the EUR/GBP cross was mentioned which seems to have some fundamental and technical … Continue reading

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#FOMC news won’t push the plunger on any volatility bombs anytime soon. The main new thing to focus on may be on the fact that inflation isn’t behaving. The Fed may need to re-cast what it means by ‘inflation’ so … Continue reading

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Memorandum: a Mind Map of the Endgame of Greece’s Debt Crisis

This article is obsolete.    I’m not going to write anything in it that people in the market, in whichever direction they’re positioned, have not concluded six months ago or more.    You only have to look at volumes in the market … Continue reading

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Aussie + Kiwi could turn out to be a topspinner

#AUD and #NZD eyed with central bank announcements looming: #RBA overnight, #RBNZ Thu. ‘On hold’ is expected in both. But check correlation of AUD/NZD and AUD-NZD 2yr swap rate differential – forex may have some catching-up to do. Factors at the … Continue reading

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Where is European ‘Cash’ Hiding?

Risk. Without another full-blown financial crisis, could most parts of the financial markets be any riskier right now? Hence the perennial search for assets to add which serve to reduce risk. You might like to take a look at this … Continue reading

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The week’s off and on risky, European affair

#CHF and #JPY strength into the Western evening on Wednesday and early in #Asia underscores the switching back off of ‘risk’ after quite a battering for that sentiment in the last 36 hours. You name it, we’ve had it: profit … Continue reading

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