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Players Hitting DeMark For Euro Prospects

Let my try to convey, in my own brief, simplified way, a Tom DeMark-based idea on EUR/USD’s long-term prospects which appears to be something like la mode in parts of this parish right now. We’ll use this chart to illustrate … Continue reading

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Raise The Roof, It’s Vacation Time

Today I spoke with an economist who owns and heads an independent, forecasting boutique with many large enterprises, institutions and even governments of small countries as clients.  Even with such a weighty reputation, he has a mild reputation, in informal … Continue reading

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One Day, CHF and EUR, Will Be €1

With the world beset by all manner of crises right now, the Swiss franc is most likely on the closest to a vertical trajectory as we’ll ever see in our time. (We hope.)  And during such times, there there’s often … Continue reading

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Deutsche Bank could FAIL, strictly speaking

Deutsche Bank: solid as a Black Forest oak. But could it fail stress tests? The idea that it might outright or nearly fail the EU tests is gathering pace and adding a small chill to European markets right now. The results are … Continue reading

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I Present, The Trichet Traffic Light System

Looking ahead to a press conference with the ECB’s president, Jean-Claude Trichet, in a few minutes, someone with far too much time has devised a ‘keyword traffic light system.’ When/if to expect rate moves and by how much depends on … Continue reading

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