Griffin at London Bridge, Autumn 2011, © Harry Dorset, 2011 

Perhaps you’ve noticed we prefer the ancient icons of our Square Mile, to the more recent ones: we favour the griffins/dragons, cherubs, daemons, lions and the like, over the skyscrapers and post-modernist structures.

Well, we’ve been lucky enough to have received permission to use several new, original photographs of ancient icons of The City.

We will try to publish at least one of these new photographs each day for the next few weeks.

Once they have all been published, we hope to produce a permanent online resource especially suited for displaying all them in the same place.

The photographer is Harry Dorset.

We are very grateful indeed for his generosity and it won’t be forgotten.

All rights are reserved.

If interested in further use, please see the statement of copyright linked in the copyright symbol.


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