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A Lesson From The Euro Zone In ‘Getting Away’ (With It)

I’m not a great fan of City of London colloquialisms, but one term is sticking in my mind today.It’s how traders and analysts etc. around here, informally refer to the success of a corporation or a state, in bond offerings.[Some … Continue reading

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Portugal Passes Market Test At A High Price

No doubt, Portugal trumped the market with its much anticipated bond auction Wednesday. Those parts of the market which doubted its ability to do that, need to accept the reality of the state’s successful sale. Even so, does anyone believe … Continue reading

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Where Next For The Euro? Wednesday Might Yield The Answer

Those watching keenly will know it’s less than 24 hours before the next important point in the euro sovereign debt crisis. For a quick recap: Portugal will on Wednesday auction a mixture of 3.60% bonds expiring October 2014 and 4.80% … Continue reading

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