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Why Futures are Key for Bitcoin’s Future

Exchanges in the spotlight after futures volumes surged ahead of halving Waiting for bitcoin’s sky to fall It’s a week after bitcoin’s momentous halving event and the sky has not metaphorically fallen on the crypto world, as some of the … Continue reading

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Variations on Trading ‘Fear’ In A Risky Future

(Or, why front-month S&P 500 Variance Futures rose 41.36% on Friday.) For whatever reasons, it seems clear right now that the largely moderate North African states, including Egypt, and their ideological and geographical cousins on the fringes of the Middle … Continue reading

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$APPL Fall Needs To Be Big To Spook Tech Sector.

The often overlooked Nasdaq volatility index is interesting today on surprise news. Like for its better-known cousin, the Vix Volatility Index, ‘The Street’s view of the VXN, is that it measures ‘fear’ in the market and that it would be … Continue reading

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