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Real Greek Risk & Fake Cassandras

 Meze JPMorgan still warning portentously of Greece’s ‘Ides of March’ As for the rest of us, we’re almost ‘over it’ already, though no one thinks a default will be an easy option JPMorgan has published a portentous note this morning. It’s … Continue reading

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Overnight Bungee Practice

If Wednesday’s market moves in Europe are just half as volatile as they were in the relatively illiquid overnight conditions, it’ll be an ‘interesting’ day. Just after London’s close, the euro spiked circa 80 pts to 1.3760/65, as did other … Continue reading

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The week’s off and on risky, European affair

#CHF and #JPY strength into the Western evening on Wednesday and early in #Asia underscores the switching back off of ‘risk’ after quite a battering for that sentiment in the last 36 hours. You name it, we’ve had it: profit … Continue reading

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Euro survives Greece’s small incendiary, but issue smolders on

The euro is reflecting the small, well-timed, incendiary device Greek officials lobbed into proceedings towards the close of play on Friday. As we know, it started late Friday with Der Spiegel’s report that Greece was threatening to leave the euro … Continue reading

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